About Champagne Tastes on a Beer Budget

While there are sites out there focused on living fashionably, or living within your means, there are almost no blogs out there about living well within your means.  That’s right: This blog is about living fabulously and deliciously on a budget. Call yourself a ‘Fabulous Frugalista,’ if you want.

The Inspiration for this Blog:  

It all started with a disappointing salad.  It wasn’t just the soggy, day old vegetables that were upsetting, but the fact it was overpriced made it downright obnoxious.  I looked at my co-worker, staring sadly into her container, and I said, “you know that’s just going to wind up in their chili tomorrow, and the soup on the day after.”  Victoria shook her head sadly.  “Not cool.”

I thought hey, people talk about how much less store-bought, pre-prepared food costs, but few sites show you the breakdown.  I’m going to see if I can get some examples of store favourites, and do a cost comparison.  (Yes, I will provide recipes.)

Mission Statement:

So, yeah, let’s stick it to The Man.  We may be frugal, but we’re fabulous!  Overpriced restaurants, take your posh seven dollar salads that are recycled into other over-priced meals! This is the DIY Revolution, and I am…your…uh, okay, I’m not your general, that sounds exhausting.  Plus, khaki is not my colour.  I’m your cocktail-swilling, wise-cracking buddy to guide you through the dour journey of saving money.

Stay tuned, and let me know what you would love to learn to make at home!

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