Laziest, Easiest and Most Elegant Dessert Ever

A bunch of friends dropped in unexpectedly, just as I was cleaning out the fridge. You know how it is: Offer them something appealing and in this heat, a frozen treat seemed sensible.

Problem? No ice cream – in fact, no sweets at all in the fridge or freezer.

My solution? I added some honey to plain Greek yogurt, and grated in a bit of lemon rind. Then, I smeared the works across a cookie sheet as evenly as possible. Dotted with fresh raspberries it looked pretty, so I put it in the freezer. The berries and the yogurt froze into a single sheet frozen yogurt bar.


Breaking them off into organic chunks somehow makes this look more interesting. It also prevents “perfectionist stress:” No fuss about chipping a perfect rectangle, here.

Instead of slicing them into perfect squares or rectangles, I just broke them off into irregularly shaped shards, and placed them in a bowl. They looked like a crystalline formation, or Superman’s northern Fortress of Solitude.

Try it yourself with flavoured yogurt (no honey necessary) and any variety of seasonal fruit. I think this could be a fast solution for vegan friends who want another option to try with nut-based yogurt.

It can be as healthy or as sinful as you’d like to make it. Try experimenting with your favourite flavours or candy as add-ins.

Current price for Del Monte’s Frozen Yogurt Bars: (Price seen on $7.29 for 12 150ml bars.

Homemade: $1.99 plus a few cents more for honey,  and $2.00 for seasonal raspberries.

Try it yourself!


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