No, This Is Not Another Lifestyle Blog.

Ever bought a three dollar muffin and thought to yourself, “I could make this stuff at home for a fraction of the price?”  Did you ever roll your eyes at those earnest ‘It’s-so-easy-to-retire-at-thirty ‘ articles, or cringed at posh lifestyle blogs that used ‘artisanal’ or ‘vintage’ every other word?

This is not that blog.

I hope to update once a week, and feature real-life food, and ways to save money on your groceries, entertainment and maybe even your wardrobe.  Maybe.  I’m not a lifestyle guru, a fashion stylist nor a “homemaking maven,” whatever that is.

I’m your pal.  The one who knows that sometimes, you get tired and overfill the tub, flooding the floors below. The time you would have spent in making a gourmet, Parisian-style picnic contained in an antique wicker basket for your lunch was shortchanged into mopping everything in sight, then passing out cold in your work clothes on the sofa. Upon waking, you had a weird crick in your neck from sleeping in a pretzel pose all night.  You toddle slowly, like a baby Quasimodo, through your morning routine.  You barely had enough time to pick clothes off the floor,  cram yourself into clean clothes, and try to make it to the bus on time, much less make an Instagram-worthy lunch.  All this leads to you buying limp and unexciting salads from the deli at work the next day.

Could happen to anyone.

I’m the blogger who’ll stagger to the coffee machine in mismatched pyjamas, and stare into space for five minutes as her toast burns.   I don’t have cute stories about pets (allergies) so I borrow my neighbour’s cat.  That’s right, I’m a second-hand Crazy Cat Lady.  I do, however, have some great ways to make your lunch un-boring.  I promise not to use the word “artisanal” and I don’t carry my lunch in a handmade vintage pannier from France.  But your lunches will be affordable, and will likely taste better than any mouldering leftovers at the grocery store.